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I help you stop wasting money on marketing programs that fall short. I believe a marketing budget is a beautiful thing and I love sharing tools and blueprints for getting real results. I cringe at money thrown away on one-off tactics without clear visibility into results.

Productive change requires the objectivity and perspective to see your business with fresh insight. That’s where I come in.

Together, we can achieve your growth goals without ramping up costly, in-house staff and overhead.
Jenny Simich

I spent many years working on marketing content and creative campaigns. And I loved it! But I found that these activities are only part of  successful marketing strategies.

Now I focus on high-tech companies  and help them get ahead with marketing efforts that cost less and pay off in increased revenue.

How? By starting with their strategic goals and aligning marketing so that the  future includes: a plan with a budget, implementation schedule, and specific and measurable target goals. It includes tactical building blocks that can be reused and that build your brand.

Marketing dollars are real money and they go fast. Spend yours on results.

Learn Why Budgeting Is So Important

Learn Why Budgeting Is So Important

It’s a scary problem. Marketing programs aren’t cheap. Runaway costs. Vendor invoices that don’t match POs. Unanticipated expenses piling up fast. How do you handle it all?

Managing a marketing budget is a common problem for even the most organized business. It doesn’t have to be that way!

With my method for budgeting, you can manage cost and have the funds necessary to build your brand and generate leads.

Get the blueprint in my eBook 5 Easy Steps to Creating a Marketing Budget. Click on the thumbnail below.

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Is Something Wrong With My Marketing?

Is Something Wrong With My Marketing?

Sure, you’d love to figure out what’s working and what’s holding you back from making money but …

  • You have no time for that right now.
  • You’re already spending a ton on marketing programs – they better work.
  • You’re stuck and can’t see the way forward.
  • You’re secretly afraid employees will figure out you don’t know what you’re doing.

You don’t need a 6-figure, full-time marketer!

Just borrow my brains when you need them.

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