About Me

Welcome! I’m Jenny Simich from Borrow My Brains.

l am a marketing strategist on a mission to help B2B tech companies avoid random marketing tactics and achieve their growth goals.

I help companies get ahead by planning strategic marketing efforts that cost less and pay off in increased revenue. They gain greater visibility into the return on investment.

Running marketing programs like a business means I believe:

  • A marketing budget is a beautiful thing.
  • Business goals come first and marketing initiatives support the business.
  • One-off marketing activities get you nowhere.
  • A marketing calendar is critical to managing all your marketing tactics.
  • Marketing must be measured.

Here are a few things to know about me:

  1. I am a recovering perfectionist. A good friend of mine says “done is better than perfect.” If I don’t continually work on that I lapse back into obsessing about adding just one more detail to get it right.
  2. Technology fascinates me. I’ve worked in software and hardware my entire career. First as a tech writer, then a trainer, and finally in marketing and selling. I am an early adopter. For a short time I worked in IT at a Big 3 auto company but never caught the car bug. Until now that is.  A car with a nav system, parking assist, and XM radio . . . gimme that!
  3. I’m a woman of action. I don’t slow down and saying No is really hard for me. I have to remember that busyness doesn’t equate to productivity. These days I am channeling that energy into helping clients solve their thorny marketing issues.
  4. I respect a client’s budget and choose the best options for the money being spent. I often act as an extension of the client’s staff and represent them when negotiating contracts. I can spot cost saving opportunities at 30 paces and don’t hesitate to ask for them.
  5. I love public speaking. Yes, I am one of those rare people who gets excited about speeches and presentations. I can feel the vibe of the crowd and know when we are “in the zone.” I crave interaction and response.
  6. Change is an important part of my career. Although my stints in corporate life were fairly long—10 years in one job and 15 years in another—I wore many hats and changed responsibilities often. Learning new things and pushing the envelope are in my DNA.
  7. Marketing can be like shopping at a warehouse store. You go in for a deal on laundry soap and walk out with a pallet of Tide! There are so many components to the marketing mix: public relations, internet marketing, content marketing, inbound, outbound . . . arghhhh! That’s where I come in. I help you make the best strategic decisions with the greatest return.
  8. When faced with a choice, the path that scares me the most is the one I invariably choose. I am not afraid of a leap of faith. That doesn’t mean it’s alway right. In fact, I’ve experienced some whopper consequences but I have learned from them and have few regrets.
  9. I learned to cook after my kids were grown – sorry guys. Who had time with homework, activities, and social obligations! Today, after many classes with my chef friend, I am confident I can whip up just about anything—and it will actually taste good!
  10. I like to find the soft underbelly in the toughest people. I genuinely like people and like to learn about them. Some of my gruffest and toughest clients are now friends and colleagues. I share a lot about myself and my life and value and respect other people’s circumstances.
  11. I am addicted to budgets and spreadsheets. I must know where the money is going and what expenses and activities are on the horizon. Coding formulas into spreadsheet gives me the satisfaction of avoiding mental math.
  12. Owning my own business is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I went back to grad school thinking I’d be a better manager. Little did I know an MBA would spark the entrepreneurial fire. I left a comfy Marketing VP job during a recession and haven’t looked back except with gratitude.
  13. I love building parade floats. I am a sucker for our small town parades on  holidays. Fortunately my wonderful husband, Sam, is a packaging engineer and can build just about anything. Unfortunately for Sam, my volunteering usually means more work for him. Around town he’s known as the “Cardboard Man” for supplying local high schools and churches with cardboard for their projects.

I’m really glad you found Borrow My Brains and I am excited to work with you!