Why Work With Me?

l am a marketing strategist on a mission to help B2B tech companies avoid random marketing tactics so they can achieve their growth goals.

Unlike other marketers that focus narrowly on creative design or content, I am a champion of  running marketing like a business. That means profit and loss metrics.

I target high-tech companies and help them get ahead with strategic marketing efforts that cost less and pay off in increased revenue.

How? By starting with the end in mind. That picture looks like this: a plan, a budget, an implementation schedule, and specific and measurable goals.

I know what it’s like to feel the pressure of running your business and getting your message out in a creative, tech-savvy way without breaking the bank.

In working with companies, my clients consistently talk about three common problems:

  1. What results are my marketing efforts getting me?
  2. How much money am I spending versus how much should I be spending?
  3. Is there a better way  to track and measure marketing?

Sound familiar?

Let’s solve these problems once and for all. I can help you figure out your marketing programs, make them work harder and yield better results.

Schedule a one-on-one session with me today! (248)207-1494.

Here is what I want for you and your marketing initiatives…

I want you to:

  • Stop using random tactics that don’t hit your target audience.
  • Move away from one-off activities that don’t build your business.
  • Stop being surprised by invoices for  expensive marketing activity that you didn’t think through.
  • Never again do an event or trade show and walk away without a measurement of success firmly in place.

I want you to do marketing activities on purpose! Let’s get started.